YouTube Channel Management

How to Hire a YouTube Channel Manager

And What They Can Do For You


What Does a YouTube Channel Manager Do?


Ultimately, the purpose of hiring a YouTube channel manager is to improve your rankings, grow your subscriber counts, and increase engagement. To reach this goal, they help you take care of all the administrative tasks that come with running a successful channel.

On the most basic level, this means uploading your videos and adding optimized metadata to improve their visibility. These include tags, hashtags, video descriptions, key moments, chapters, as well as captions and subtitles.

In addition, we can take care of designing and adding graphical elements such as thumbnails and end screens. Most professional channel managers will do some level of A/B testing – trying out different versions of them to see what resonates most with your audience.

Another part of a channel managers’ job is to schedule releases, and to create and manage playlists on your channel.

Going further, they also take care of comment moderation. This involves replying to viewers and deleting offensive comments left by trolls.

This isn’t just good for audience engagement – it also means that you don’t have to deal with that negativity. If you’re already stressed, these attacks certainly won’t help your motivation, and may well contribute to feelings of creator burnout.

On a higher level, a channel manager will keep an eye on your video analytics. They’ll tell you where your content does well, and where it needs improvement.

If you’re just getting started out with a professional channel – or want to launch a new one – a channel manager can also take care of the entire set-up process.

Finally, channel managers can handle some aspects of YouTube SEO, that is, Search Engine Optimization. After Google, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and the algorithm for the top search results and recommendations changes constantly.

A channel manager with SEO knowledge can help you navigate the platform’s algorithm and increase the visibility of your content. They can help you target the right keywords and incorporate them into your content.

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Who We Are?

About Team New Generation Studio

Our greatest strength as a company is our ability to attract excellent staff. Their talent is at the root of everything that we are able to offer our clients. The majority of our work is produced by our internal staff, making us fast, flexible and fluent at turning business messaging into impactful video. There are many production companies out there. There are not too many with over 13 years of experience delivering digital content to businesses.
Most importantly though, we try to be decent human beings; friendly and fair to our clients, and mindful of the communities we call home. Content creation has a long way to go in addressing diversity, equality and accessibility. We’re doing our best to find solutions, and are always interested in discussing what more can be done.

We are located in Transylvania, Romania, time zone is UTC +2. Our team speaks English, German, Romanian and Hungarian

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Channel Manager?


Generally, you’ll see two different models out there: per-video pricing and hourly pricing. Either way, rates for trustworthy channel managers start at $37 per video for basic management, like title, description, keywords and a simple thumbnail, about 1h of work. Hourly rates typically start at $37/h.

However, prices vary considerably depending on the tasks you expect your channel manager to handle. For example, if you want us to handle extensive SEO research, along with graphic design and ads, then rates can rise to $45-60 per hour.

How to Add a Manager to My YouTube Channel

Grant Permissions to edit your Channel

Once you’ve made the decision to hire NGSTUDIO for the job, you can add us as a channel manager in YouTube Studio.

Under Settings, click on Permissions and then Invite (see the picture below). Then, you can enter our email address, and select the type of access you want to grant us.

Depending on the tasks, you’ll want to make us either a manager, an editor, or an editor with limited permissions.


What Jobs We Will Provide

Use posts, photos, videos, and Q&A to drive traffic and sales

  • Uploading videos, optimising titles, descriptions and keywords
  • Programming a portfolio of YouTube channels
  • Creating, and uploading, channel graphics
  • Writing and editing metadata
  • Continual analysis YouTube analytics and other data sources
  • Ensuring channels adhere to YouTube best practices
  • Ensuring content adheres to company policy, as well as quality and brand requirements
  • Keeping up to date with YouTube platform developments, trends and training


Service Pricing


Adding a channel manager to your YouTube team can help you save massive amounts of time when it comes to uploading and handling your videos, especially if you run multiple channels.

Finding the right person for the job can take some time and effort, but it’s ultimately worth it. We will help you be more productive and efficient, which lets you take your channel to the next level!


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