Rank Higher on Google

A Google My Business management service that gets your listing to the top of the search results

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Are You Struggling With Google My Business?

  • Not seeing your business show up on Google searches?
  • You don’t have enough knowledge about Google My Business?
  • Concerned you’re missing out on  promoting your business?
  • You have Google My Business and you don’t have the time for it?
  • Disappointed with the results from agencies and consultants?
  • Tired of not getting enough new customers from your efforts?

If you are struggling with Google My Business management or are having difficulty setting it up yourself, we can help.

Let our Google My Business management team put you on the top of map today for only $525!

Who We Are?

About Team New Generation Studio

Our greatest strength as a company is our ability to attract excellent staff. Their talent is at the root of everything that we are able to offer our clients. The majority of our work is produced by our internal staff, making us fast, flexible and fluent at turning business messaging into impactful video. There are many production companies out there. There are not too many with over 13 years of experience delivering digital content to businesses.
Most importantly though, we try to be decent human beings; friendly and fair to our clients, and mindful of the communities we call home. Content creation has a long way to go in addressing diversity, equality and accessibility. We’re doing our best to find solutions, and are always interested in discussing what more can be done.

We are located in Transylvania, Romania, time zone is UTC +2. Our team speaks English, German, Romanian and Hungarian

Types of Businesses We Work With

  • Entrepreneurs just getting their business off the ground
  • Home services companies that operate in multiple areas
  • Private medical clincs with a single physician to practices with more than a dozen doctors
  • Hair/Nail Salons
  • Retail stores such as grocery, fashion Boutique, clothing storeand sporting goods
  • Construction Companies
  • Dental Clinics
  • Locally owned restaurants
  • Marketing and SEO agencies and consultants who want a solution for their clients
  • Insurance companies
  • Auto repair Shops
  • Computer repair shops
  • Travel Services

Get More Customers From Google

See your business appear first on the map

Today almost half of all Google searches show local search results. This means getting to the top of the page requires a winning Google My Business profile.

Let us take away the hassle and headache of optimizing your Google My Business profile. Let GMB NGSTUDIO team perform the the ongoing management required to bring in new customers.

Effectively Promote Your Business on Google

Use posts, photos, videos, and Q&A to drive traffic and sales

Google My Business offers a number of features that allow you to reach more potential customers and boost the effectiveness of your profile.

With our Google My Business management service, you will work one-on-one with an account manager. Your personal GMB expert will promote your products and services, create weekly posts, respond to questions asked by customers, and upload new photos and videos to your profile.

With all of this new activity, your biggest problem will be keeping up with all of the new customer calls!

Ensure a Positive Reputation on Google

Easily get new Google reviews and never have to worry about responding

Reviews are one thing every customer wants to read before making a purchase decision. Google agrees. Industry studies show that Google reviews are an important factor in ranking your listing on Google Maps and the local pack.

Thanks to GMB NGSTUDIO, you will no longer need to awkwardly ask customers for reviews and then forget to respond to them – we do it for you!

Service Pricing

You can now generate more leads, phone calls, and sales from Google My Business for one low monthly price.

Ready to see results?

Give us a chance to work with you.

Before making any commitment on your part, we would love do some free work for you, we will make a photo cover design as the main photo for your Google Business Page.

How It Works:

How Our Google My Business Management Service Works

The Google My Business Management Service involves 6 steps:

1. You Tell Us About Your Business

Everything starts with learning more about you! Using our simple Google My Business Management Service form, we will capture all the details about your business location that NGSTUDIO team needs to properly manage your GMB listing. This should take you about 10 minutes to complete.

2. Get Started With Verification (If you are already verified, we skip this step)

The next step in our Google My Business Management Service is to get your address verified by Google.  After initial set-up, you will receive a letter from Google, containing a verification code that we need to get in order to activate your business address. This process should take about a week.

3. We Create an Action Plan

With the verification completed, your account manager will then create a customized action plan to improve your GMB listing. This will guide the NGSTUDIO team as we will learn more about your business to better serve you and give your profile an open path to success.

4. We Enhance and Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

It’s now time for the NGSTUDIO team to really get to work. Your account manager and their team will take over to ensure all the necessary updates are made to optimize your listing. Throughout this process, your account manager will be in close contact to keep you updated every step along the way.

5. We Manage and Promote Your Listing Every Month

Now that your Google My Business listing is optimized, it’s time to kick off promotion! Each month, your account manager from our team will take care of posts, Q&A, reviews, spam reports, profile monitoring, and reporting. This ensures your listing continues to get more visibility, traffic, calls, and new customers in the door!

6. You See Higher Rankings, More Traffic, Calls, and Revenue!

Since your Google My Business listing is being properly managed, you should start to see more results within 30 to 90 days of work completion. While the NGSTUDIO team is hard at work on your GMB profile, you’ll have the time to prepare for the new opportunities and customers coming your way.

Google My Business Management Service Overview

You can now generate more leads, phone calls, and sales from Google My Business for one low monthly price.

Do you want to maximize the results you get from Google My Business without having to spend a ton of time learning how to best promote it every month?

Our Google My Business Management Service is a perfect fit if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of making sure you’re doing everything possible to dominate Google each month. With the NGSTUDIO Google My Business Management Service, you’ll have a dedicated team doing the hard work for you.

The Google My Business Management Service allows you to work with NEW GENERATION STUDIO Team experts that can handle all the little details that come with managing a prominent GMB listing.

With this service, your listing will initially be optimized for your targeted search phrases and local. In order for us to get to work on your behalf we would need a few resources from you, such as:

  • Company name
  • Address, if you have people visiting your location (the address will be verified, you will get a letter with a code for verification)
  • Business Phone number (mobile phone preferred)
  • Photos

Company photos

Team photos (a group team, some members of the team smiling, team meetings, some fun activities)

Action photos, (have some photos showing your employees in action)

Photos of your work

Photos of what best describes your business

  • Short video (if available)

You have the option to upload a short video about your company

  • You need a gmail account

In order to give NGSTUDIO access to administrate your Google Business account you would need to give us the administration rights, so we can edit the page (this will be granted from the account)

  • Business Hours

When your business is open for public

  • Business Categories

What categories you business covers

  • Website URL
  • We will provide a permanent upload link dedicated for your business

Give us a chance to work with you.

Before making any commitment on your part, we would love do some free work for you, we will make a photo cover design as the main photo for your Google Business Page.